Vehicle Power Bus

Problem to be solved

In a vehicle the wires and connectors are the biggest source of warranty repairs. During the manufacture of a vehicle, the wire harness cost and weight is a significant portion of the total vehicle cost and weight.


This product substantially reduces the cost and weight and improves the reliability of vehicle wiring systems by combining both power and information onto a single wire pair which travels throughout the vehicle.


Connectors are eliminated as ae most of the wire harness.


Cost and reliability of the vehicle wiring system is substantially improved and the wire harness substantially simplified.


  • Patents – 6326704, 6533316, 6648367, 6733036, 7580782, 7527288, 7832762, 7657354 plus 2 pending and several in process
  • Development Stage – Proof-of-concept under development for vehicle door. Concept demonstrated on bench.
  • Business Opportunity* – License, development partnership, supplier