About us

Company ITI (Intelligent Technologies International, Inc.) is a Research and Development Company that was split from ATI in 1998 to concentrate on Active Safety Products Development. Dr. David S. Breed is a President of ITI who has 5 degrees  - Carleton (BA physics), MIT (BS, MS engineering, MBA business), Columbia (PhD engineering). Dr. Breed is the First President of Breed Technologies, Now Key Safety Systems and has more than 425 Pending and granted patents mostly in automotive.

ITI Mission - Provide R&D in the field of active automotive safety

He invented the Ball-in-Tube crash sensor which went on 90% of airbag cars until replaced by electronic sensors; Side Curtain and Side airbag systems. Also he invented Ultrasonic (Jaguar) and Optical Occupant Sensors that was the first use of Neural Networks on cars. Dr. Breed invented the Low Cost Airbag System (LCAS) – airbags that don’t hurt and airbags made from plastic film.

Principles of ITI  systems