MOOC Glasses TM

Problem to be solved

Colleges and universities cannot grant credits or degrees to students that complete the courses taught in the massive online courses (MOOC) since there is no way to guarantee that the student did not cheat when taking an exam.


MOOC Glasses is a compact device worn by the student while taking the test. The test is decrypted on the worn device and displayed on its display that can be seen only by the student. Other channels for interacting between the student and the unauthorized consultant are eliminated. Due to that, no way for cheating remains. Therefore, MOOC Glasses provides a guarantee that the student is acting alone during a test and takes no help from external consultant.


A plurality of cameras and sensors built in MOOC Glasses monitor the student, and particularly his/her iris to verify the student’s biometrics during taking the test. A microphone incorporated in MOOC Glasses monitors the sounds in the environment to assure that there is no verbal communication between the student and the helper. The test answers are typed by the student on virtual keyboard invisible to external viewers for further transmission to the test providing site. The test questions are scrambled so that no two students can answer the questions in the same order. The MOOC Glasses device is encapsulated in a case that is protected by chassis intrusion detector system. CID erases the private key needed for decoding the test when the case is breached.



Students from all over the world can obtain credits and degrees from leading universities without physically attending the institution. That greatly improves their employment prospects and increase their lifetime earning potential. This also greatly contributes to equalizing the opportunities for students worldwide. The university can charge a small fraction that on-campus student would pay and with little added costs greatly increase the number of their graduates and significantly increase their revenue.