Mapping systems ONEPASS TM

Problem to be solved

Create a centimeter accurate map in single pass at 100 kph using images. Eliminate a need of lidars and GPS.


Taking images from a camera on an ordinary vehicle and creating a centimeter accurate map from a single pass down the lane. ITI Mapping Future Enhancements. Vehicle Location without GNSS. We use The Road to Zero FatalitiesTM and RtZFTM. Continuous map and street view updating. Landmarks will be self-generated by Deep Learning neural networks with no limit in the number of landmarks. Temporary map additions including  black ice, accidents, animal presence, etc.


Low cost generation of accurate easily updated maps and vehicle installation – Retrofit and Production. Map generation using ONEPASS TM system. Retrofit capability. Automatic continuous map updates. Replaces GNSS satellite system – vehicle location from maps


  • Patents: 5 Granted Patents  6885968, 7596242, 8209120, 9053633, 9103671, 15 Pending Patent Applications, 30 Patent Applications in preparation
  • Development: Stage1- Completed. Concept which demonstrated poles recognized and placed on Google Maps.
  • Stage 2- Completed. Proved a pole can be located relative to vehicle <10 cm using 2 images.
  • Stage 3 - In process. Retrofit device under development – June, 2016

Mapping systems (ONEPASS TM)